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EBL 28 PCS 1.5v Alkaline AAA Batteries

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EBL Alkaline AAA Batteries (28 Count) - 1.5V Triple A Long-Lasting Alkaline Battery with Long-life Shelf Life

⚡AAA Alkaline Battery  

Long-Lasting Power]

EBL AAA batteries 28 counts alkaline batteries, provide all your household appliances with the power they need.

Unique Design

Designed to keep the power inside, provide reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices.

【Long Lifespan】

Leak-free shelf & Leak-resistant design ensures your batteries won't leak in storage so they're ready for use.

【Perfect For Daily Use】

Ultra fit for all of AAA 1.5V batteries compatible devices like game controller, mouse, remote, children's toys and more.


No mercury or cadmium, much more friendly for our environmental - Love our earth from little things, from EBL AAA batteries.

【 What You Get 】

28 packs AAA Alkaline Battery

Buy EBL 28 PCS 1.5v AA Alkaline Batteries

【Specification 】

Battery Size: AAA Alkaline Battery
Manufacturer: EBL
Weight: 1.73/11.98 oz
Voltage: 1.5V
Battery Technology: Alkaline
Dimensions: Height: 44±0.5mm Diameter: 10±0.5mm
Product Type: Batteries
Rechargeable Y/N: No 
Nominal voltage: 1.5V
Average weight: 0.39oz
Nominal capacity: 1000mAh
Over-discharge test: under the environment of 20°C±2°C and 60±15%RH, continuous discharge with 20Ω resistance
Constant temperature and humidity test: 60 ± 2°C relative humidity is lower than 90% RH
Model: LR03
Battery polarity: "+" and "-"
Outer diameter (light body battery) minimum value: 10.11mm maximum value: 10.21mm
Total length Min: 43.80mm Max: 44.40mm.